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We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) workforced development organization providing under served and marginalized returning citizens with job readiness and skill certification; resulting in stable employment and a positive network to reconnect with their families and communities.



Within five years of release, about three-quarters (76.6 %) of released prisoners were rearrested.   

Of those prisoners who were rearrested, over half (56.7 %) were arrested by the end of the year.    

Within three years of release, about two-thirds (67.8 %) of released prisoners were rearrested.      



Our mission is to place returning citizens in a position of sustainable employment, reducing their chance of recidivism.

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I had the greatest experience learning what I learned at The Lazarus Rite Inc.  Not only did I learn about various skills  driving a commercial vehicle, I also learned more about the judicial  system and how it works.  Additionally, interview skills were also  taught and reiterated.  After successfully graduating from the program, I  landed a position with the Department of Public Works.  I have now been  employed with DPW since February.  I love this class because it has  made me a better person all around.  I would definitely recommend this  class to anyone in need of help. - K. Bellamy 

My name is T. Blue, born in  Mercy Hospital in the City of Baltimore is where I took my first breath of air. Surviving Baltimore City was no easy task but by the grace of God I’m here writing this to you all. Growing up in Baltimore City as a African American kid my options were limited, that was until I met Ms. Wanda and Mr. Chris angels sent from God himself I believe. My life changed they help me to realize that there are options. The Lazarus Rite Program truly changed my life. Not only did they give me an opportunity they gave me a sense of Freedom I never felt before. I was a product of my environment and I felt like I was in a cage before I was introduced to the Lazarus Rite Program. But I know that it’s not only me who lives they have changed with the information that they give free of charge. The information that Mr. Chris and Ms. Wanda posses has truly change lives. The support and love they possess is truly amazing. I can say that I’ve never experienced this type of love and support before. I pray that this letter reaches someone by giving them the understanding of how important the work that they are doing is to the community of Baltimore City. - T. Blue


My name is K. Ballard. I’m a graduate of the Lazarus Rite Inc. program. I graduated in November 2018, and was pre- employed by Baltimore city department Of Transportation by December 2018, in which I am currently still employed. This is an extremely helpful program for returning citizens such as myself an also can help if not stop the recidivism rates back into prison. I’m a strong advocate of the Lazarus rite Inc. program and its endeavors to get people in careers that can not only help feed families but also change lives. This program gives you an opportunity to obtain a career in the thriving field of truck driving. This program not only teaches you how to drive trucks but, also how to obtain other employment in the near future by teaching resume building, financial stability, interview skills, and punctuality. The Lazarus rite Inc. program has changed my life for the better. I honestly and sincerely would recommend this program to all looking for a change in their lives, and or financial situations. I admire this program so much because prior to this program two other programs shut me out when I tried to apply, but the Lazarus rite program accepted me and found me employment immediately after completion, I wish this program longevity and prosperity to help others that are just like me looking for an better opportunity and chance. - K. Ballard