Christopher Ervin - President/Founder

The Lazarus Rite, Inc. was founded by Christopher Ervin, building on an operational model from his experience in sports and the military -- where individuals understand their roles, capabilities and responsibility for individual achievement and group success. Mr. Ervin  studied Social Science at Coppin State and Criminal Law at the University of Maryland College Park. He is well known throughout the State of Maryland for his expertise on the subject matter of criminal justice reform and has worked tirelessly on quality of life issues impacting youth and families, seniors and the developmentally disabled, specifically the restoration of rights to those formerly incarcerated.

A Message from the President

 “The Lazarus Rite was created to address the very intentional, policy protected intention to legally marginalize and thus relegate predominantly Black people, to servitude.  “In other words, as  long as punishment for crime, slavery and involuntary servitude is back in play, we at The Lazarus Rite, will train people for an economic opportunity to lift them out of a perpetual state of low income servitude. This is how we will bring Baltimore back.” 

Wanda R. Ascencio, Vice President/Treasurer

Wanda Ascencio is the Vice President of the Lazarus Rite Inc.  Ms. Ascencio holds a B.S. in Accounting and a Masters degree in Taxation. She has worked in banking and accounting since 1987 in the New York City metro area, including 10 years in a senior role at National Economic Research Associates.  During this time, she served as a mentor in the NYC Public Schools, and lead book drives and food drives for NYC organizations, and ran a youth summer basketball league. Soon after relocating to Baltimore, MD in 2014, she dedicated herself to building Lazarus Rite to a solid organization for returning citizens, along with her long-time friend Christopher Ervin. Her vision is to see everyone who steps through the door of Lazarus Rite receive the chance at a better life for themselves, for their families and for their communities. She combines her love of running by volunteering to run for charities races, raising funds for organizations such as Feed America and Back on My Feet. Annually, she volunteer as a run partner for Girls on the Run organization. 


  • Mary Bey Brown, Juvenile Justice
  • Hathaway Ferebee, Safe and Sound 
  • Anton House, Howard University
  • Hannibal G. Williams II Kemerer, Squire Patton Boggs